What We Do

Improving the performance and productivity of employees has a direct and positive impact on business results. Optimus Performance delivers programs, tools and services that enable people to tap into their unlimited potential and work smarter. Our products and services are customized for each organization to address specific leadership, management and employee development needs and problems.

We provide training and development programs and coaching services in the areas of leadership, team development, customer service and sales. We train and coach leaders to develop the right style of leadership for the situation and person. We guide leaders to become coaches to their employees so that they develop their teams to be self-directed and responsible.

We train employees on teamwork and on practicing continuous improvement. This leads to self- empowered employees who take responsibility to solve their own problems and are highly engaged with their team and the organization.

Choosing the right person for the job is essential to ensure high performance and productive employees. This is also true when promoting someone to a new position, especially a management role. Our assessment tools assure that the right person is being hired for the job. They also provide in depth information about people, which makes coaching for performance more effective and easier.

It’s often been said that successful selling is 90% people skills and 10% product or service knowledge. Our sales training programs develop salespeople to understand different types of people and how to appeal to their buying tendencies throughout the selling cycle. We have them develop the communication skills that are essential to building trust with potential customers, while maintaining strong relationships with existing ones.


 Our Mission

Optimus Performance is committed to delivering highly effective training, coaching & consulting solutions and tools that foster the development of responsible and successful people and organizations. Our mission is to work with leaders to create environments that inspire and motivate people and teams to produce outstanding results.

Our Commitment

Our primary objective is directed towards complete satisfaction of our clients through concrete and measurable results. What sets us apart from our competitors is our passion for and commitment to achieving our clients objectives.


Communication We value open and clear communication that fosters mutual understanding and team member loyalty. We practice giving positive and constructive feedback.
Accountability We believe in keeping commitments to our customers and team members, while empowering each person to deliver expected results according to their individual style and preference.
Customer Focus We are committed to continuously improve our abilities, methods and practices, in order for our customers to gain the greatest benefits from our products and services.
Integrity We strongly believe in practising what we preach and in creating an organizational climate built on mutual trust and honesty.

Our Team

Optimus Performance is comprised of:

Stephen Goldberg

Stephen Goldberg is the founder and president of Optimus Performance. He is passionate about helping people realize their full potential through self-knowledge and personal development. He takes a creative approach to problem solving and is always seeking new and innovate ways to spark his clients to grow and improve. Stephen values integrity,honesty,responsibility and kindness and applies these principles in everything he does. Stephen has over 20 years experience in training and development, coaching and consulting.

Falk Kyser

Falk Kyser is an Associate of Optimus Performance.  He is a certified empowerment coach and facilitator who passionately enjoys helping individuals and groups reach their potential. His over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in running divisions of large international and multinational companies, as well as a small start-up business, has given him additional insight to developing people from within.

Falk helps people learn about behaviours, motivations and personalities. He also helps people learn how to leverage their strengths. This results in highly engaged, accountable and results-oriented individuals, teams and business leaders that successfully drive profitability.

Benoît Jacques

Benoît Jacques holds a Masters degree in Sociology and a diploma attesting to providing 1200 hours of psychological counseling. For over ten years, he worked as an analyst of the workplace environment & human relations consultant and has provided training and coaching to company executives and employees motivated to improve performance at work. For over ten years, he also provides anger management counseling to groups of men and helps them cope with stress. Mr. Jacques is a dynamic and compassionate communicator and is committed to helping people find winning strategies.

Sonia Singh

Sonia Singh, Profiles Assessment Specialist / Office Manager. McGill University graduate of Psychology, she has extensive experience in research, psychometric testing & office administration. Working closely with customers and associates, her goal is to provide clients with the most efficient and satisfying customer service experience.

Giuseppina Di Girolamo

Giuseppina Di Girolamo is a strategic business partner of Optimus Performance Inc.  She has been working in the field of human resources for over twenty years. With a bachelor degree in Commerce and a major in Human Resources, she is part of the Human Resources Advisors and Industrial Relations Professionals of Quebec since 1988 and has acquired most of her experience working with small and medium sized companies in the manufacturing industry.

Independent consultant since April 2006 and certified trainer, she is able to offer recruitment, human resources structure, training, pay equity, administration of employees’ benefits, labor relation, etc.

The human capital is her passion!