Assessment Tools

It is integral to the organization to employ the right people for particular roles. People must fit the role in three ways:

They must have the skills, knowledge and experience to perform the work. This can be determined from their resume, the job interview and past employers. We offer skills testing in partnership with eSkill and also suggest using the Step One Survey to determine the level of integrity and attitude related to hard work and relationships with others. As well, we can provide coaching on how to interview candidates and verify information about work accomplishments with past employers.
Candidates must fit with the company culture and values. There has to be the right chemistry so they can fit in and work with others. This is determined through asking pertinent questions in the interview.
Candidates must have the right thinking style, personality and occupational interests for the job. Our Profile XT assessment measures these aspects of a person and can match these traits to a customized performance model for the position. This provides a complete picture of the person and reveals aspects that we cannot easily determine based on interviews alone. In fact studies show that hiring decisions made on interviews alone are on average, only 14% accurate.
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Selection Process

History Resume
Past Employment
Background Check
Interview Gut Feeling
Step One Survey