Year end review and goal planning workbook

goal planning workbook

Review your Year and Plan your Goals for the New Year

The year end review and goal planning workbook, is an easy and efficient way to review your past year and set new plans and goals for the year to come.


goal planning workbookIt’s always a great practice to set goals and you can use the guide and workbook to do it at any time. The workbook can be customized to the current year by adjusting the dates on each slide.


Start by reviewing your high, low points accomplishments and disappointments for the previous year. Then go onto to set your plans and goals for the coming year.


Added this year is a slide to set follow-up dates to review your action steps. This will make sure you stay on track with your plans.  Download this workbook and other forms and worksheets through this link. 


Happy New Year and good luck with your plans and goals!